Taoist Retreat with Dr. Eva Wong

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Taoist Retreat

SeminareFor more than 2500 years, Taoism is advocating to live a harmonious life, by cultivating a healthy body and a peaceful mind. The best known way in Taoism for caring for the body is through Qigong training. in addition – by balancing our nutrition, we adapt to what is really needed in every specific time of our life. Practicing meditation gets us in touch with the vastness of the inner core of our being.

Zen and Taoism

These two spiritual traditions have been interconnected for centuries. This retreat will be a wonderful opportunity to re-establish this exchange of wisdom and knowledge. Teaching Eastern traditions in the West is made possible by Eva Wong’s ability to take us beyond mere concepts. Her approach to “listen” to this old wisdom, easily opens the doors to deep understanding and personal experience.

Health and Taoism

The ancient Qigong practice is a precious timeless training, directly benefitting health. The training is adaptable to every age. These practices are rooted in texts on healthy life dating back to 2600 BCE.

Taoism in daily life

The Tao Te Ching is a Taoist text and one of the oldest books about navigating through life and about our values. Much of what can be found there would easily fit into up-to-date guidelines on successful leadership. It is the source of the Taoist teachings –made practical- that we will enjoy during this week.

It is essential to balance the various aspects of our life: our public life, our domestic life, our private life and our spiritual life. Eva Wong’s book ‚Being Taoist‘ offers wonderful insights on this: how to unify worldly and spiritual wisdom in our daily life. This Taoist approach to live in harmony and discover the vastness of what we really are, is of timeless modernity.

Our retreat

This retreat includes Qigong, Meditation, the practice of Playful Awareness, and Taoist advice on daily living. It will show us, how the old art of Taoist living may help us to live a balanced life. The Qigong training includes Level 1 and 2 of Taoist Qigong. There are no prerequisites. We suggest reading Eva Wong’s book ‚Being Taoist‘ in preparation for this retreat.

Eva Wong

Seminareauthor and translator of 13 books on the Taoist arts of health, meditation, and qigong, is the 19th generation lineage carrier of Xiantianwujimen Taoism a lineage that specializes in qigong as well as divination and the study of the I Ching. She is also a 3rd generation student of Wang Xiangzhai, founder of the Yiquan martial arts and Zhangzhuan (standing qigong).

Acharya Samten A. Kobelt

was born and raised in Switzerland. Throughout his life he has engaged in body-mind disciplines of both Eastern and Western origin, such as Bugaku (Japanese dance), Lujong (Tibetan yoga) and Contemplative Dance (developed at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado). He presents Qigong from the lineage of Eva Wong, with whom he studies since 2005. He has taught Shambhala and Buddhism as well as Qigong and Contemplative Dance in many places, including the US, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

Daishin Zen – together with Shambala

SeminareThis retreat is offered by Daishin Zen – together with Shambhala. Qigong and Meditation will be taught by Acharya Samten Kobelt. Eva Wong will teach on Taoism in English, and a German translation will be available.

further information

www.limitlessgate.com and www.zen-kloster.de

payment & booking

490,00 € plus board and lodging, booking please here

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